A Peek Into The Picturesque Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

If you have been craving the true taste of Himalaya trekking, then there is one trail that you must follow – the Kashmir Great Lakes trek.  From verdant forests to vast meadows and rocky paths to riveting sceneries…this trail has it all!

Join Wandering Explorers as we guide you through an unforgettable trek in beautiful Kashmir this year. Curious to know more? Read on to discover what awaits you on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek. 

Trek starts at Sonmarg

The Kashmir Great Lakes trek sets off at serene Sonmarg. After resting at base camp, the journey begins with a trek to Nichnai via Shekdur. Get your first glimpse of the treasures of natural beauty that lie up ahead as you pass through lush meadows, and rich maple, bhoj, and pine forests.

Suddenly…the first lovely lake!

Get set to behold the first beautiful lake of the trek – Vishansar Lake. You will come across this lake after making it through Nichnai Pass. Rest at Vishansar campsite and admire the flocks of sheep being cared for tenderly by the local shepherds. Who knows…the shepherds may even regale you with a tale or two of their own. 

The beauty is just beginning

Trekkers can also head over to Kishansar Lake, another gorgeous water body situated close to Vishansar Lake. After this point, the journey goes deeper into nature’s lap as the trail leads to Gadsar Lake. To get to this lake, one needs to cross Gadsar Pass which at 13,750 ft. is the highest point of the trek. The blue-green waters of Gadsar Lake framed by snow-capped surroundings truly make the long journey worthwhile!

Twice the fun with twin lakes

What’s better than one picturesque lake nestled in the lap of the Himalayas? Why, TWO of course! Upon departing from Gadsar Lake, make your way through the rocky terrain to catch sight of the twin beauties Nandkol and Gangbal. Camp by Nandkol underneath the navy blue sky dotted with stars as you admire the attractive cyan-coloured waters of the two sister lakes. 

Every end marks new beginnings

The trail finally comes to a close as you reach Naranag, a beautiful and welcoming hamlet snugly embraced by lush forest. However, this does not mark the end of your adventures. Return home with memories for life and a zest for more treks in the Himalayas!

This 2021, discover the abundant beauty of the Himalayan region…head on the Kashmir Great Lakes trek for a trekking holiday that will truly leave you speechless with wonder!