Bhutan Trip: Exploring the Foothills of the Himalayas

Bhutan enjoys a lot of travel attention due to its unique location at the foothills of the lush Himalayan mountain ranges. The country is a perfect getaway with dramatic landscapes, subtropical plains, grandeur monasteries, and rich heritage.

Vacay with your pack to appreciate the enchanting beauty of marvels of nature and duck yourself in the ocean of jaw-dropping tourist places. The iconic sites in Bhutan are stemmed from the cultural heart of the country and cater to some of the best astounding sites.

Visit Rinpung Dzong to admire the perfect towering walls, which have deep roots in the Bhutanese tradition. Take a road trip along the Chele La Pass to watching the blue skies and snow-capped peaks. Take a picnic with your loved ones to the Dochula pass with a stunning panoromic view

The erected mountains and humongous statues vouch for long lost peace, whereas the complex yet the exquisite architecture of the Bhutanese houses remind you of the country’s rich culture.

There are scores of monasteries which stand on the land of the thunderbolt, several tourists make visits to immerse in the sacred space of peace.

Experience the pristine waterfalls adorned by thick forests and fall head over heels for nature in Bhutan.

Explore the peace packed places in Bhutan with the Wandering Explorers and feed your travel bug.