Trekking Across A Frozen River: The Legendary Chadar Trek!

Are you a fan of trekking holidays that help you escape city life with a rush of adrenaline? Do you love the adventure that exploring new places on foot brings? If yes, then the legendary Chadar Trek should definitely be your next getaway!

Chadar literally translates to ‘blanket’…the name of the trek itself refers to the blanket or covering of ice over the Zanskar River. It is this blanket of ice that you will cross on this escapade. And, that’s not all! The Chadar Trek is one of the most unique and exhilarating experiences you could ever have! Curious to know more? Read on to discover the magical experience that awaits you on the Chadar Trek.  

The adventure begins in Leh!

The mighty Chadar Trek kicks off with your arrival in Leh city. Situated at an altitude of more than 3500 metres above sea level, Leh will surely astound you with its natural beauty. 

Trekkers are advised to take two or three days to acclimatize to the altitude of Leh. Spend this time relaxing at your hotel or exploring the marvels of Leh city in its colourful markets, quaint cafes, and magnificent surroundings of towering mountains against the clear blue sky. Leading adventure tour companies will ensure that your hotel bookings have been done in advance so you don’t have to stress about accommodation on arrival. Unwind and get set for the adventure ahead. 

From Shingra Koma to Tsomo Paldar

Enjoy a scenic drive up to Shingra Koma. This drive is sure to etch memories in your mind with all the wondrous sights along the way. The route along the mighty Indus River with hairpin bends and rugged mountains will fill you with admiration for the wonders of nature. 

Next, you will trek from Shingra Koma to Tsomo Paldar from where your Chadar Trek actually begins! Enjoy the experience of camping under the stars in Ladakh as you pitch a tent underneath the indigo-coloured skies in Tsomo Paldar. The magic has only just begun!

Journey From Trek Tsomo Paldar to Tibb Caves

The trek from Tsomo Paldar will truly amaze your senses as you encounter waterfalls amidst snowy mountain ranges. Every step of the way brings you face to face with another wallpaper-worthy sight! Not to mention, the pleasure of sipping hot chai in these surroundings is simply unbeatable!

Towards The Nerak Frozen Waterfall

Trek an ice trail across 14 kilometres towards the magnificent Nerak Frozen Waterfall. The long trail is definitely worth the sights that await you at the end. Nerak Waterfall looks so milky and wonderful…a delicious treat for the eyes at the end of the day’s trekking. A marvel indeed that clearly depicts the beauty of the Himalayas!

Return From Nerak Waterfalls To Tibb

 Having conquered the mighty Chadar Trek, it is now time to make the journey back and encounter even more beautiful sights along the way. If you are lucky, you may even get to take a different route back and so, be able to explore newer sights. 

Return to Shingra Koma

Having completed your quest of the Chadar Trek, you now make your way back to Shingra Koma and get to revisit the picturesque sceneries that greeted you on your prior journey. Keep your camera ready at all times for you may be pleasantly surprised with the pugmarks of a snow leopard or even an ibex!

As you head back towards Leh, your heart will be full of admiration for the locals who used this route for years during the harshest of winters. The Chadar Trek can satisfy even the most insatiable adventurous spirit. You will go back home with stories of a legendary adventure of a Himalaya trekking experience like no other!