Visit Mesmerising Ladakh With Wandering Explorers

Few places on Earth can match the ethereal beauty of the land of Ladakh. With towering mountains, turquoise lakes, golden sand deserts, and milky white clouds, Ladakh is almost like a piece of paradise. It is hardly any surprise that most travellers have a Ladakh adventure tour listed down somewhere on their travel bucket list!

Do you too wish to visit the “Land of High Passes” soon?

If yes, then there’s no time like the present!

This 2021, join Wandering Explorers as we take you on an unforgettable journey through mesmerising Ladakh. Experience a road trip that will truly set your pulse racing and give you that adrenaline rush. Ladakh is like a treasure trove of natural beauty – every turn in the road has a magnificent sight for your eyes.

Kick-start the adventure at Manali!

Begin your Ladakh adventure at picturesque Manali. After spending a relaxing night at here, head off towards the Himalayan village of Jispa. Spend a tranquil night at Jispa underneath the starry sky as you get set for your upcoming sojourn to Leh city.

Arrival at alluring Leh

Experience first-hand the thrill of a road trip to Ladakh – indeed the stuff movies are made of. Set out from Jispa for a truly breath-taking drive that will leave you awestruck at nature’s gems. From Baralacha Pass to Sarachu and onward to Gata Loops, you will come across one magnificent sight after the other. Halt for a snack at Pang before finally leaving to arrive at Leh in time for a colourful sunset.

Leh is a city of many wonders. Spend the whole of the following day roaming the city and visiting its famous tourist attractions. From the magical pull of Magnetic Hill to the tranquil calm of Shanti Stupa, Leh gets you moving and makes you stand still at the same time.

Next towards Nubra

Now, begins the next (and perhaps most awaited!) part of your trip to Ladakh. A drive to mighty Khardung-La which, at 18,380 ft., is famed for being the ‘Highest Motorable Road in the World’. From here, head over to Nubra Valley where you can take a camel ride through the sand dunes as you admire the vast expanse of this chilly desert.

Camping by pristine Pangong Lake

From Nubra head onwards to world-famous Pangong Lake. Experience the true thrill of camping by the cool turquoise blue waters of Pangong Lake. Watch the colours of the sky play on the surface of the water as the lake almost seems to change its own hues to match the sky.

And, there’s so much more…

Your adventure in Ladakh may have come to a close (until your next trip). However, the journey isn’t done just yet! Your journey back home will take you through Likir, Drass, Kargil, and Srinagar where you can continue to enjoy sightseeing!

Indeed, a trip to Ladakh is filled with so much to see and many wonderful memories. The journey will definitely be as memorable as the destination.

This year, make memories through travel…visit alluring Ladakh! Explore the best Ladakh adventure tour packages here.